Investment Opportunities

Public Notices

  • Notice of Postponement of Election

    Elections of six (6) representatives to serve as members of the Assembly of Delegates of the shareholders of the Sugar Investment Trust for each Factory Area Notice is hereby given to all candidates and shareholders of the Sugar Investment Trust that the above mentioned elections which were scheduled to be held on Saturday the twenty fifth (25th) day of August, 2018, has been postponed to Sunday the twenty-eighth (28th) day of October 2018 between the hours of 9.00 am and 2.30 pm

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  • Apartments & Duplexes for sale at Aurea Living Harmony Cote D'Or

    SIT Property Development Ltd (“SPDL”), a subsidiary and property development arm of the Sugar Investment Trust (“SIT”), has undertaken a property development project at Aurea Living Harmony, Cote D’Or. The Morcellement comprises of a mix of residential, commercial, light industrial, educational and recreational land uses over 110 hectares (259 arpents) at Cote d’Or/Highlands.

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