SIT Leisure Ltd

SIT Leisure Ltd owns, operates and manages Le Waterpark & Leisure Village. Le Waterpark & Leisure Village is an exciting and unique water themed park over 30 arpents (12 Ha) of land on the east coast of Mauritius near Belle Mare public beach. Launched in December 2000, Le Waterpark and Leisure Village is the only one of its kind in the region with an average of 120,000 visitors.

Tastefully themed and designed over 21 arpents (8Ha) of land with its sensational water slides and entertainment rides, heaven like pools and lovely shelters and restaurants offering excellent cuisine, it is an answer to those looking for fun, water, action, sensation and relaxation.

The park has been designed along original pirate style architecture, with an old fort like entrance and a distinctive shipwreck structure standing majestically in the middle of the park. The shipwreck, with its decors and waterfall generally appeals to all visitors.

The water-based attractions are the park’s main lure. Indeed the sensational water slides and heaven like pools are a source of delight to all visitors, who enjoy the thrill and excitement of the slides and the peace of the pools.

Existing Attractions

Giant Slides
The Giant Slides stand out grandly, dominating on the overall Le Waterpark & Leisure Village. These 125m open air slides will take the visitor through spectacular curves down to a pool.

Black Hole
For those who love frightening challenges, the Black Hole is the right attraction to experience. Get ready to slide on a rubber raft in total darkness down this 125 metres long fiber optic tunnel

Kids Pool
Frog, dragon and octopus shaped miniature slides nicely positioned around mushroom showers, altogether form the Kids Pool. The Kids Pool is kids’ heaven within Le Waterpark & Leisure Village.

Adults Pool
The 1m40 deep Adults Pool accommodates a large number of people. It consists of 2 Jacuzzis, a miniature of the Multi-Slide, the Black Hole, the Crazy River and the Giant Slide. Together with the cascade, the Adults Pool is the preferred corner of adults at Le Waterpark & Leisure Village.

Lazy River

Mainly for the passive visitor, this artificial stream over 320 metres long allows one to lazily enjoy and relax while making a tour around the park. The visitor in search of peace will be able to float on a raft appreciating the beauty of the park.

Multi Slide
The Multi Slide is the most magical aquatic attraction. This thrilling attraction of four alongside rows allows for a sensational glide down 47 metres at a reckless speed.

Wave Pool

Visitors fond of waves are privileged with the Wave Pool. With six different types of artificial waves rushing in at regular intervals, visitors are made to experience a unique moment.

Crazy River
Sliding down on a raft through spectacular curves, visitorsliave a stunning experience and get to overcome stress through this 120 metres long water ride.

Amusement Rides

If the aquatic rides provide sensational experiences in water, the dry rides offer a myriad of awesome experiences brimming with fun, delight and excitement to children as well as adults.

Bumper Car

This Bumper Car circuit creates great sensation and fun especially for the young. The Bumper Car circuit, specially designed for Le Waterpark & Leisure Village, provides enjoyable moments to one and all.