The job incumbent will:

  1. Report to the Head of Operations; and
  2. Be responsible to administer the computerised system at Le Waterpark & Leisure village.


  1. To Install and configure appropriate software and hardware systems according to specifications and requirements of users.
  2. To Identify and act on opportunities to improve and update software systems.
  3. To conduct regular checks on network and data security.
  4. To develop and implement IT policy and operational manuals for the organization.
  5. To conduct regular system audits.
  6. To run and share regular operation system reports with members of the senior staff.
  7. To oversee and determine timeframes for major IT projects including system updates, upgrades, migrations and outages.
  8. To develop and implement processes for the maintenance of a stable network environment.
  9. To be responsible of the installation, configuration, reparation and replacement of computer hardware and software systems, networks, printers and scanners as and when required.
  10. To generate exceptional reports on a regular basis for the information and decision of management.
  11. To perform other cognate duties as deemed necessary by the Head of Operations.