Head of operations Waterpark Belle Mare – Ref: HOO/LWP/19




The job incumbent will report to the Chief Executive Officer of SIT Group.


  1. To manage the Waterpark efficiently in line with the International Standards and Practices which are geared to ensure the safety and satisfaction of visitors.
  2. To assist in the recruitment of personnel to ensure that their professional competence, attitude and behaviour are in accordance with the practices of the company.
  3. To ensure that the personnel are trained, well-groomed and appropriately uniformed at all times while on duty in order to maintain the standard of the Company.
  4. To ensure that the personnel follow the Company guidelines and local legislation in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities.
  5. To conduct frequent and thorough inspection of all operations of the Waterpark.
  6. Financial
    • To set-up with the Management Team a yearly Business Plan, in order to ensure that it is measurable and achievable, monitored and amended at regular intervals.
    • Review monthly financials with the management team and ensure that actual results are in line with budget and/or forecasts.
    • Work with the financial team to create realistic forecasts for the business bi-monthly.
    • To provide updated information relating to financial results (budget versus actual) in sales and cost areas in order to ensure that sales and profit are maximized.
  7. Customer Satisfaction
    • To verify that the best products are used in the operation in order to ensure customers satisfaction.
    • To verify, that customers are receiving the best service in order to ensure that customers are satisfied.
    • To assist the Personnel in being creative to ensure that the highest level of quality and customers expectation is achieved.
    • Be up to date with current perceptions through monthly analysis of customers comment cards and make necessary changes if needed to improve service levels.
  8. Sales & Marketing
    • To ensure that a Sales & Marketing annual plan is in place and supports the set objectives for the business.
    • Set pricing for all segments.
    • To fully understand the market needs and desires for individual operations in order to ensure that the relevant products are developed by the Management Team accordingly.
    • Ensure that regular benchmarking of the competition is done to ensure that the Waterpark & Leisure Park stays competitive.
  9. Flexibility/Initiative
    • The ability to work long hours including but not limited to weekends and Public Holidays.
  10. Team Work
    • To conduct regular communication meetings with the Personnel and to participate in relevant meetings which are business related in order to keep up with the demand of business.
    • To spend time in various operations in order to ensure that the operation is managed well by the Management team and functions properly to the fullest expectations.
    • To maintain a positive, upbeat demeanour in order to set the tone for the rest of the Management Team and all Personnel.
  11. To perform other duties that management may request from time to time.

Closing Date
Friday 26 July 2019