The job incumbent will:

  1. report to the Head of Operations; and
  2. be responsible for the supervision of all aquatic activities and ensuring the safety and security at Le Waterpark & Leisure Village.


  1. To conduct training of Life guard in water safety, first aid and CPR;
  2. To provide regular in-service training to staff as and when required;
  3. To handle the filtration system and other aquatic operating systems with the assistance of the maintenance officer;
  4. To maintain proper pool chemical balance;
  5. To perform regular safety inspections of pools and equipment to reduce hazards and to provide maximum safety to the visitors;
  6. To operate all plant rooms in collaboration with the maintenance officer;
  7. To operate all slides;
  8. To control the water flow from plant room to slide and back;
  9. To control the stock and repairs of Tubes;
  10. To record all incidents and take appropriate actions;
  11. To consolidate the security of Park during Natural Calamities;
  12. To organise the rooster of lifeguards;
  13. To perform other duties that management may request from time to time.